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Salads - Dinner

The Boost Bowl (467 cal.)


(Energy Boosting Superfoods) Jalapeno quinoa cake, garbanzo and black beans, corn, feta, mixed veggie quinoa rice, tomatoes, and white balsamic dressing.

Salad Dressings (Select 1):White Balsamic Dressing Creamy Caesar Creamy Strawberry Vinaigrette Peanut Soy Vinaigrette Blueberry Vinaigrette Cotija Cilantro Ranch No Dressing
Salad Add On (Optional):Add Steak +$5.99Add Shrimp +$5.99Add Salmon +$5.99Add Tuna +$5.99Add Chicken +$5.99
Temperature - If Steak is Selected (Optional):Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done

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